Care and Use Tips

The Leaf and Lawn Chute is made of 100% high density, corrugated plastic, and since it is water safe….cleaning is a breeze!

  • After use, the Leaf and Lawn Chute may be hosed down with a garden hose and dried with a soft cloth or air dry.
  • For stubborn dirt stains, a mild dish soap may be mixed with water, and gently scrub with a sponge. Hose off remaining suds.

The Leaf and Lawn Chute folds flat for easy storage, and is manufactured to withstand thousands of folds and unfolds!

*Useful tips*

  • For removal from the paper bag, please use the two circle cut-outs on each side, near the top of the Chute, & pull straight up.
  • For a full & over stuffed bag. You may experience some resistance when attempting to remove. Place your feet gently against the bottom of the bag, on opposite sides, just enough to prevent the bag from moving upward as you gently tug strait up. After a few tugs, it should slide easily out.
  • When not in use, It is recommended to store the Leaf&Lawn Chute indoors, & out of direct sunlight.

For questions, please call 727-820-0000. Or, email us.

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