Product Information

The LeafEasy leaf bag holder or can also be used as a leaf bagger, is the ultimate bagging device.

Product Specs:
2 lbs
Lift capacity - 70 lbs
(closed) 45 x 21 x 1/4 inches
(open) 45 x 48

  1. Simple anyone can use it
  2. Efficient moves piles faster
  3. Versatile fits any can, any project
  4. Lightweight – weights under a pound
  5. Durable heavy duty corrugated plastic

Old Price: $24.99

Price: $19.99

You save: $5.00! (20.01%)

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We here at LeafEasy Industries are honored to offer the Leaf and Lawn Chute at over 3,000 Home Depot , Lowes, and Menards stores.

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LeafEasy Chute Assembly Instructions - For instructions click here