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We proudly offer our Leaf & Lawn Chute at a growing number of retail locations. Please provide us your zip code below and we will provide you locations nearby that you can find our product.Please provide a valid email address, as we need to reply to you with a list of the retailers in the area you are inquiring about. By clicking “submit”, a list does not automatically populate.

Please contact us for mor information 727.820.0000

The Home Depot
select hardware stores including:
Great Lakes Ace (Michigan)
Benny’s (New England)
QP Ace (Nebraska)
United Hardware (Midwest)
Conolly’s Do It Best (Indiana)
Schnuck Markets (Missouri)
Lenoch & Cilek Ace (Iowa)
*Our LeafEasy item is available at

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    We here at LeafEasy Industries are honored to offer the Leaf and Lawn Chute at over 3,000 Home Depot , Lowes, and Menards stores.

    Click here to for more information or please visit the retailers in your area inquiry for more information, or to find the store nearest you.

    LeafEasy Chute Assembly Instructions - For instructions click here